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3.5 sao trên tổng 179 đánh giá
3 Jun 2019 tại 16:00 The beef sandwich came with empty bread with nothing inside. I tried to call the restaurant but it was already closdd
27 Jul 2017 tại 16:29 We are quite far from the restaurant so the 50 minutes was great. We were told it would be an hour. The food was good, but next time we will ask for less peppers and onions on the breakfast burrito...just personal preference.
26 Jan 2017 tại 18:34 I waited more than 90min (6:30-8:15). I got a totally melted ice scoop. The spring rolls were very oily and the napoli sauce was salty and too oily as well. I threw everything in the trashcan because it was so unpalatable:(I'm very disappointed
29 Jun 2016 tại 16:29 Perfectly cooked vegetables in what could have been good minestrone yet you add sugar? Al dente penne with great looking pesto... with sugar? If this is the chef's recipe fire him. If a cook screwed up and mistook sugar for salt, fire them.
30 May 2016 tại 5:40 Food was not good fries were hard hamburger had to much of something in the meat. Nachos were soggy. Tex chicken was chewy. The only thing dissent was the minestrone soup.
11 Oct 2015 tại 11:54 119 000 VND for 9 small pieces of Calamari !! Is it a joke ? There were so few that I counted them.... 13 000 VND for one ring of 4 cm of calamari......
18 Jul 2015 tại 18:23 Prompt delivery. Though delicious, the pizza was only lukewarm when it arrived.
26 May 2015 tại 21:49 Pizza was cold which was a real shame. It tasted alright. Not good but not bad.
18 Aug 2014 tại 19:05 The lasagna was was basically a piece of melted cheese with one noodle layer under it, and sauce in between. Not even close to being worth the price.
4 Aug 2014 tại 8:14 These guys need to learn what espresso is - it is NOT simply a watered-down "American" coffee that has been reduced into volume to a few tablespoons. Please...
31 May 2014 tại 10:42 Took ages. Wasn't very good. Risotto was bland.
28 May 2014 tại 8:43 Gnocchi was delicious! Will order from here again